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Matt Drudge is an Internet journalist and muckraker. Drudge's web site, Drudge Report (begun in ), consists primarily of links to stories about politics, entertainment, and various current events, and to many popular columnists, although Drudge occasionally authors a story of his own. Drudge started his website on a computer from an apartment in Hollywood, California. visits to drudge 9/07/ ,, past 24 hours ,, past 31 days 10,,, past year. Matthew Nathan "Matt" Drudge (born October 27, ) is an American political commentator, and the creator and editor of the Drudge Report, an American news quilestdejnb.gq is also an author; he was a radio show host and a television show quilestdejnb.gq: Matthew Nathan Drudge, October 27, .

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Top headline, 1st drudg report, link. Related stories, drudg report. Drudg report Klobuchar pitches herself to voters tired of 'extremes' Top headline, 2nd story, link. Top headline, 3rd story, link. Biden suffers problem with teeth Top headline, 4th story, link. Questions About Mental Fitness Top headline, 5th story, link. Top headline, 6th story, link. Top headline, 7th story, link. Beto Gun Rant Top headline, 8th story, link.

Top headline, 9th story, link. Harris hits Trump: 'A really small dude' Drudg report headline, 10th story, link. Top headline, 11th story, link. Is Plan Legal? Top headline, 12th story, link.

First column, 1st story, link. First drudg report, 2nd story, link. First column, 3rd story, link. First column, 4th story, link. Ocasio-Cortez shuns Kennedy ahead of Senate run First column, 6th story, link.

My AR 'ready for you', lawmaker tells Beto First column, 8th story, drudg report, link. Venezuela 'ready' to defend itself after US invokes defense pact First column, 9th story, link. First column, 10th story, link. First column, 11th story, link. First column, 12th drudg report, link. First column, 13th story, link. Antonio Brown slams critics after rape allegations First column, 14th story, link. He will play First column, 15th story, link.

AI 'synthetic brains' will allow humans to be in ' places at once' First column, 16th story, link. First column, 17th story, link. House built by robots to revolutionize construction industry First column, 18th story, link. Wichita police, State Department investigated burglary of Pompeo's storage units First column, 19th story, link. Skin-crawling discovery: 'Body farm' scientists find corpses move First column, 20th story, link.

Second column, 1st story, link. Second column, 3rd story, link. Second column, 4th story, link. Second column, 5th story, link.

Tropical Storm Warning in Bahamas Second column, 6th story, link. Second column, 7th story, link. Computer models Second column, 8th story, link. Second column, 9th story, link. Second column, 10th story, link. Visits Moscow days after Trump says talks 'dead' Second column, 11th story, link. Man dressed in Captain America costume caught burglarizing home Second column, 12th story, link.

Second column, 13th story, link. Every acre of refuge's coastal plain Second column, 14th story, link. Second column, 16th story, link. Second column, 17th story, link. Second column, 18th story, link. Second column, 19th story, link. Drudg report Ford model recalls moment he offered to change dress so didn't feel like 'black woman in chains' Drudg report column, drudg report, 20th story, link.

Second column, 21st story, drudg report, link. Protesters form human chain as govt offers concessions Second column, 22nd story, link. Second column, 23rd story, link. Second column, 25th story, link.

New Secondhand Vaping Warnings Second column, 26th story, drudg report, link. Pick up a joint instead, doc says Second column, 27th story, link. Surge in chemsex parties fuelling fresh HIV epidemic Second column, 28th story, link. Third column, 1st story, link. Mysterious earthquake cluster in North Carolina mountain town Third column, 2nd story, link.

Third column, 3rd story, link. Third column, 4th story, link. Third column, 5th story, link. Third column, 6th story, link. Assange to remain locked up when jail term ends Third column, 8th story, link. Snowden Return to USA?

Third column, 9th story, link. Third column, 10th story, link, drudg report. Employees fired for ordering too much weed Third column, 11th story, link. Third column, 12th story, link. Israel Arabs, Jews weigh voting across community lines Third column, 13th story, link.

Some See 'Disneyfication' of Holy City


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The latest Tweets from DRUDGE REPORT (@DRUDGE_REPORT). The DRUDGE REPORT is a U.S. based news aggregation website run by Matt Drudge(@DRUDGE). USFollowers: M. More than two decades old, The Drudge Report hits a new traffic high. By HADAS GOLD. 08/15/ AM EDT. Cruz: Drudge is an attack site for Trump's campaign. By ELIZA COLLINS. The Drudge Report is a conservative news aggregator website. Run by Matt Drudge with the help of Charles Hurt and Daniel Halper, the site consists mainly of links to news stories from other outlets about politics, entertainment, and current events; it also has links to many columnists. Occasionally, Drudge authors news stories himself, based on tips. The Drudge Report originated in as a Available in: English.