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Since the IMSR is published daily at national Preparedness Level 2 and above, or when significant activity occurs. The IMSR is published weekly (each Friday) at national Preparedness Level 1. The IMSR is published weekly (each Friday) at national Preparedness Level 1. Aug 30,  · See the Situation Reports tab below for information on the cases. Vesicular stomatitis is a viral disease which primarily affects horses, cattle, and swine. The agent that causes vesicular stomatitis, VSV, has a wide host range and can occasionally infect sheep and goats. Situation Report Tuesday, August 20, PM National Weather Service Indianapolis, IN •Line of Severe Thunderstorms expected this afternoon moving from west to east •Gusty winds primary threat with gusts mph expected initially. •A few tornadoes possible.

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Conditions are listed by area, national situation report, then trail. Before heading out on the trail, make sure to review information about national situation report safely in bear countryand familiarize yourself with our bear management areas.

Depending on other activities you intend to pursue in the backcountry please reference our fishingboatingand horse use regulations. Permits are required for all overnight stays in the backcountry. Permits for backpacking national situation report stock trips can be acquired at any backcountry office.

Backcountry permits for boat trips are only available at Bridge Bay, Grant Village, and the South Entrance backcountry offices. Office staffed until October 12th. Bechler Ranger Station : Open.

Office staffed until November 3rd. Open for AIS Inspections. Boat permits and AIS inspections available. Normally closed p. Office staffed until September 22nd. Grant Visitor Center Backcountry office : Open. Office staffed until October 9th, national situation report.

Tower Ranger Station : Open - Closed for lunch - Office will be staffed until September 19th. Closed for lunch Office staffed until October 13th. Before deciding to have a campfire, check that your campsite allows for fires, and consider the current weather conditions.

Campfires are only allowed in the designated fire ring. Currently there are no fire restriction in place. Currently there is are active fires. The general fishing season is open. Check the fishing regulations for details. Boating season is open. Prepare for the upcoming boat trips by Cleaning, Draining and Drying your boats now. New for Boats with sealed internal ballasts tanks are no longer permitted. Motorized boats are permitted only on Lewis Lake and Yellowstone Lake.

Additionally, Swan Lake is currently closed to boating. Horse use requires either an overnight or day ride permit. Most trails are currently open for overnight horse use.

Check individual trails descriptions below further in the document as to whether they are open to day use, national situation report. Make sure to review our horseback riding page and to get a day ride national situation report. Food Caches are not allowed in the backcountry. National situation report food overnight in an unoccupied campsite or elsewhere is not permitted — this is considered unattended food.

Yellowstone allows only the use of certain bear resistant food containers. The following Backcountry Campsites listed below are open but require bear resistant food containers due to down foodpoles: 9A6.

Bear Management Area. In order to reduce human related impacts on bears in high density grizzly bear habitat the park has established several bear management areas. Some Bear Management Areas are full closures, others are no off trail travel restrictions. Please reference the Bear Management page for further details and locations of closure area.

Click on a region of the map for current backcountry conditions in that area. Back to Map. Please email national situation report Central Backcountry Office if you have any questions about specific areas. I need a permit for that? Review this list and avoid surprises. Explore This Park. Info Alerts Maps Calendar Reserve.

Alerts In Effect Dismiss. Backcountry Situation Report, national situation report. General Information Backcountry Permits Permits are required for all overnight national situation report in the backcountry.

Office Hours: Offices open 8 to unless otherwise indicated. Closed most days for lunch from Staffed until October. Yellowstone Backcountry Map: click a region to jump to conditions for that area. A minimum group size of four people is recommended for hiking and camping within the Gallatin Bear Management Area.

Check the current road conditions page for information on road construction and possible traffic delays between Mammoth and Norris, national situation report. There is a closure around Stephens Creek administrative facility. Make sure to make noise, be bear aware, and carry bear national situation report. Open to stock use.

The trail detour for hikers starts across the road from the Bunsen Peak Parking lot. Follow the signs. Visitors should familiarize themselves with the no off trail travel restrictions of the Gallatin Bear Management Area. Swan Lake is closed to all watercraft. Do not park and block the barricade to the campground to access the Indian Creek Trailheaad 1K5 as maintenance national situation report will still need full access to the campground.

Horse Use: Bighorn pass is open to stock use. Winter Creek Trail has been cleared. Holmes fire lookout tower foundation is unsafe and not open to the public.

Exercise caution when on the peak. See road construction page. Monument Trail Monument trail open. Loose rocks and logs watch for rolling debris.

Creek crossing are all crossable. National situation report Use: Open to stock. Harlequin Lake Trail Harlequin Lake trail open.

Horse Use: not suitable for stock. Hike in groups whenever possible, and carry bear spray. If you encounter a mountain lion, stay calm, do not turn your back on lion. Stand your ground,and speak in firm voice. There is a permanent wildlife protection closure on McMinn Bench. Horse use: Rescue Creek and Lava Creek are open.

There is no stock allowed on the bridge near the Gardiner end of the trail trailhead 1N3. Stock users need to start and end at the Lava Creek trailhead from the East 1N6. Please note Soldier's trail on the west side of Slough Creek is not cleared of downfall. Stock Use: Not suitable for stock, national situation report. Visitors should use caution when crossing. Bear is frequenting the area.

Be sure to carry bear spray, hike in groups and all food and scented items properly hung when not in use. For more information on all current fires in the park see our Fire Information page. There is an active fire, the Pollux Fire, near Pollux Peak near the park's north east boundary. Currently there is an area closure but no closures to trails, or campsites.

Cache Creek is fordable. Calf to knee deep, national situation report. Open to all travel. Check the park road update page. Campsites 4R1 and 4R2 are in good shape. Campsites 4R2 and 4R1 are national situation report good condition.


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national situation report


Situation: National Products: Incident Management Situation Report: PDF Version: Word Doc Version: Previous Report: Archived Reports: Understanding the IMSR: Maps and Satellite Imagery: National Products: Current Large Fire Locations Map: New Large Fire Locations Map: Current Large Fire Map with Sage Grouse Habitat: New Large Fire Map. This Backcountry Situation report provides the most up-to-date conditions for Yellowstone’s Backcountry. Conditions are listed by area, then trail. Before heading out on the trail, make sure to review information about traveling safely in bear country, and familiarize yourself with our bear management areas. InciWeb - Incident Information System. Settings - change map background and toggle additional layers. Background Map; Topographic; Aerial; Aerial, labeled; Roads; Reference Layers; Red Flag Warnings Filter - control incident types displayed on map. Filter - Display Incident Types.